Walking the Churchill War Rooms

Touring the Churchill War Rooms was an absolute treasure and an experience you can’t pass up if you are a history fan in London. Visit: https://www.iwm.org.uk/visits/churchill-war-rooms Get this episode’s Travel Guide 🗺 or send a coffee☕️: https://withkoji.com/@Walk_with_History 🙌🏻 We appreciate every little bit of support 🙏🏻 Intro: 0:00Parliament Square: 0:17Entrance of Churchill War Rooms: 1:07ChurchillContinue reading “Walking the Churchill War Rooms”

Army Navy Store History

Through a twist of fate we discovered the oldest Army Navy Surplus Store in Norfolk, Virginia! M and G Surplus has been around since 1946, starting up right after World War II ended. It was so neat to talk to the owners about the history behind the store as well as hear from them onContinue reading “Army Navy Store History”

Virtual Tour of the MacArthur Memorial | Norfolk, Virginia

You couldn’t ask for a more expert virtual tour than from someone who works here! I have been fortunate enough to work at the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial as a Museum Attendant (at the time of filming). I knew that MacArthur was a larger than life historical figure…but I never know HOW BIG he wasContinue reading “Virtual Tour of the MacArthur Memorial | Norfolk, Virginia”

President Eisenhower’s Gettysburg Estate

When our friends over at History Hunters on YouTube recommended visiting the Eisenhower National Historic site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania…how could I resist!?!? This little treasure of a historic location is right next to the famous battle field and it was amazing to walk where so many presidents, foreign dignitaries, and other historic figures walked beforeContinue reading “President Eisenhower’s Gettysburg Estate”