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I am a former Naval Aviator turned Historian and I promote museums as well as explore real world locations where the giants of history walked before us.

Join me as I take viewers on a brief walk through museums and real world places talking about their history.

New videos every Wednesday!

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The Talk With History Podcast

a weekly podcast that dives deeper in to our Walk With History videos and what it is like to be a historian making YouTube videos (click the pic to start listening)


The History Buzz Podcast

a bi-weekly podcast that is about how we all learn history differently…pick your beverage of choice and join us! (click the pic to start listening)
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The Last Modern Day Witch Trial | The Witch of Pungo

We walk in the footsteps of the last of the modern day 18th Century Witch Trials in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (this was right after the Salem Witch Trials) Grace Sherwood was accused of being a witch…and the results of those accusations are probably not what you would expect! Intro 0:00Grace Sherwood Marker 0:16Grace Sherwood Statue…

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