Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings at Monticello

Monticello is an absolute must for any fan of history. Thomas Jefferson was not only a forward thinker responsible for the Declaration of Independence, but he is also considered the prime example of the American Paradox. Join us as we tour Monticello and talk about Thomas Jefferson’s impact on history. Intro: 0:00Front: 0:13Back: 0:58Martha Jefferson:Continue reading “Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings at Monticello”

400 Years of Fort Monroe History

We visited one of the oldest and largest forts in the United States. Multiple U.S. presidents have visited and it was an active US Army fort until 2011; now designated as a national historic site. plan your visit: Intro: 0:00Visitor’s Center: 0:41Contrabands: 6:44Robert E. Lee: 7:17Point Comfort Lighthouse: 9:36First Africans Marker: 10:21Jefferson Davis MemorialContinue reading “400 Years of Fort Monroe History”

Podcast Ep 46: Top 10 Walk with History videos of 2022

We recap the most popular Walk with History videos published in 2022. From Colonial Williamsburg to Arlington National Cemetery…we walk through 10 history videos of ours that caught everyone’s interest! 1. Staying in a colonial home in Williamsburg: 2. Historic Jamestown Virginia: 3. Arlington House Tour with The History Underground: 4. TheContinue reading “Podcast Ep 46: Top 10 Walk with History videos of 2022”

Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans

Scott and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone!  (and give a preview of next week’s podcast episode if you’re curious) This year of Walk with History has been such a great experience…quite the roller coaster if we’re telling the truth.  I wouldn’t say there were downs…but there were a ton ofContinue reading “Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans”

The Best Way to See Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg

We give you the tips and tricks for getting the most out of visiting Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas time. If you are a fan of coming here…this is a MUST DO! Intro: 0:00Williamsburg Christmas Market: 0:11Historical Character Plays: 2:38Ice Skating: 3:33Historic Decorations: 4:28Grand Illumination Proclamation: 6:51Williamsburg Inn at night: 8:05Palace Green holiday sights to see:Continue reading “The Best Way to See Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg”

Touring Downton Abbey

As a fan of the show, I couldn’t resist a chance to visit the ACTUAL Downton Abbey…or in real life…Highclere Castle. I show you around the castle grounds and talk all about what is inside this historic (and now pop culture relevant) castle! Get this episode’s free Travel Guide 🗺 or send a coffee☕️: reading “Touring Downton Abbey”

What Belongs in the British Museum?

With limited time available, Jenn visited some of the most famous artifacts on display at the British Museum to include the Rosetta Stone, Greek sculptures from the Acropolis, and an Easter Island statue. This is a museum you could devote multiple days too…but if you only have a few hours, then here are the thingsContinue reading “What Belongs in the British Museum?”

Walking the Churchill War Rooms

Touring the Churchill War Rooms was an absolute treasure and an experience you can’t pass up if you are a history fan in London. Visit: Get this episode’s Travel Guide 🗺 or send a coffee☕️: 🙌🏻 We appreciate every little bit of support 🙏🏻 Intro: 0:00Parliament Square: 0:17Entrance of Churchill War Rooms: 1:07ChurchillContinue reading “Walking the Churchill War Rooms”

Elephant Man London Locations

Joseph Merrick, sometimes mistakenly called John Merrick, was widely known as the Elephant Man. His deformities and the way people treated him because of them, led him to a hard life. I retrace his footsteps in London and try to see what he saw. Get this episode’s Travel Guide 🗺 or send a coffee☕️: reading “Elephant Man London Locations”

Charles Dickens’ London Life

Exploring London and walking in the footsteps of Charles Dickens was exactly like walking back in time to the Victorian Era. Join us as we explore the places that the famous author lived and worked in London, England. Charles Dickens Museum Learn something? ☕️ Donate a cup of coffee 🙌🏻 We appreciate every little bitContinue reading “Charles Dickens’ London Life”