Virtual Tour of the MacArthur Memorial | Norfolk, Virginia

You couldn’t ask for a more expert virtual tour than from someone who works here! I have been fortunate enough to work at the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial as a Museum Attendant (at the time of filming). I knew that MacArthur was a larger than life historical figure…but I never know HOW BIG he was in America during his heyday.

If you love World War II history, I cannot recommend this memorial enough!

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Intro: 0:00
About MacArthur Memorial: 0:13
Rotunda: 1:40
Connection to Norfolk: 3:28
Early Years: 4:39
I Shall Return: 6:06
Japan Surrenders: 7:09
MacArthur and Japan: 7:49
Korea: 9:39
Most Popular Artifacts: 12:14
MacArthur in the Media: 12:35
Parting Thoughts: 15:16

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