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Podcast Ep20: Hamilton, Yorktown, and Battlefield Sunsets

Broadway brought us Hamilton and with it an amazing and entertaining peek in to American history. How then could we not be excited to walk in the footsteps of so many famous historical figures at the Yorktown Battlefield? Jenn talks about the lead up to one of the most important battles fought in American History,Continue reading “Podcast Ep20: Hamilton, Yorktown, and Battlefield Sunsets”

Walking in Black Beard’s Footsteps

Walking in the footsteps of Black Beard on Ocracoke island was an adventure that we will never forget. Join us and learn about why this infamous pirate loved this part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and why he was killed just after being pardoned by the British. Intro: 0:00 Ocracoke British cemetery: 0:11Continue reading “Walking in Black Beard’s Footsteps”

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Podcast Ep19: Top Tips for Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a historian’s Disneyland…so you shouldn’t be surprised that Jenn has been there over a dozen times in the 9 months we have lived in Virginia.  We give you all the insider advice to make your first visit easier; including, where to park, where to eat (that isn’t crowded), how to know whatContinue reading “Podcast Ep19: Top Tips for Visiting Colonial Williamsburg”

Graveyard of the Atlantic History

The Graveyard of the Atlantic is the perfect name for the Outer Banks of North Carolina…and we’ll tell you why. We learn about the history of one of the oldest light houses in America, walk in Black Beard’s footsteps, and learn about an Ironclad battleship that sank not far from where we were! Intro: 0:00Continue reading “Graveyard of the Atlantic History”

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Podcast Ep18: The History of Colonial Williamsburg

Have you ever wondered how one of the first major cities in America was founded in 1638 and became one of the biggest East Coast tourist destinations?  Jenn tells us all about the founding of Williamsburg, Virginia and how the founding fathers in the colonial era shaped the nation from the very spot where youContinue reading “Podcast Ep18: The History of Colonial Williamsburg”

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April Through History

This was an interesting month…well known historical events seem to come in waves. There is some good ones in April. This is why April Fools Day started… 01 April 1700 English pranksters begin popularizing the annual tradition of April Fools’ Day BUT DID YOU KNOW this may have started in 1582, when France switched toContinue reading “April Through History”

Adjusting course…with #shorts

April will be the last month that we do daily shorts on the channel. 😮 While I (scott) love the daily interactions I get to have with our Walk With History community, making those daily videos takes time…precious time. Plus, Jenn and I want to revive our History Buzz podcast with some new video podcastContinue reading “Adjusting course…with #shorts”


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Hi, I’m Jenn, a former Naval Aviator turned Historian and a loyal Penn Stater. (WE ARE!) I earned my Masters in American History and graduate certificate in Museum Studies, from the University of Memphis.

After starting my museum career I realized how important it was to promote museums while also sharing little known stories of unique history. Walk With History was started by me and my husband to do just that!

We want to promote museums big and small to show how fun they can be, how important they are to the American story, and how vital they are to support. We will also share our adventures in finding the locations where the giants of history walked before us!

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