Burial Place of Rick James

We visited the burial place of Rick James, President Millard Fillmore, North Pole discoverer Frederick Cook and so many more historical figures! Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York was a fun and humbling experience.

Erie Pizza Bomber Real World Locations

We visit the real world locations of the 2003 Erie Pizza Bomber Bank Robbery case. This bank robbery (and murder) case regained notoriety in 2018 on the 15th anniversary of the robbery when Netflix released the documentary ‘Evil Genius’.

Virtual Tour of the Lincoln Assassination Sites

We walk in the footsteps of history as we visit each location of the various events surrounding the night of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Walking in the footsteps of Lincoln and his cabinet, John Wilkes Booth and his fellow Conspirators is an experience you don’t want to miss!!


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenn, a former Naval Aviator turned Historian and a loyal Penn Stater. (WE ARE!) I earned my Masters in American History and graduate certificate in Museum Studies, from the University of Memphis.

After starting my museum career I realized how important it was to promote museums while also sharing little known stories of unique history. Walk With History was started by me and my husband to do just that!

We want to promote museums big and small to show how fun they can be, how important they are to the American story, and how vital they are to support. We will also share our adventures in finding the locations where the giants of history walked before us!

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