On Location at the Unsolved Murder in The Penn State Stacks – Betsy Aardsma

Betsy Aardsma was murdered in “the stacks” of the Penn State University library in November of 1969. Despite a primary suspect, the police were never able to gather enough hard evidence to arrest anyone. Join me as I take you through the locations on the Penn State Campus where Betsy lived, studied, and sadly died.Continue reading “On Location at the Unsolved Murder in The Penn State Stacks – Betsy Aardsma”

Washington Crossing the Delaware

I was in history heaven when I finally got to visit Washington Crossing Park outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was incredibly to walk in the literal footsteps of our first president and in the very spot of such a pivotal historical victory for the Continental Army. Intro: 0:00The Painting: 0:37Visitor’s Center: 2:10McConkey’s Ferry Inn: 4:26MovementContinue reading “Washington Crossing the Delaware”

Flashdance Filming Locations

We visit the Flashdance filming locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This movie had a profound impact on society through fashion, dance, and as an example of woman’s rights and independence. As a Steeltown girl myself, this was one of my favorite movies growing up and I hope that you enjoy seeing the modern day locations ofContinue reading “Flashdance Filming Locations”

Burial Place of Rick James

We visited the burial place of Rick James, President Millard Fillmore, North Pole discoverer Frederick Cook and so many more historical figures! Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York was a fun and humbling experience.

Erie Pizza Bomber Real World Locations

We visit the real world locations of the 2003 Erie Pizza Bomber Bank Robbery case. This bank robbery (and murder) case regained notoriety in 2018 on the 15th anniversary of the robbery when Netflix released the documentary ‘Evil Genius’.


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