Interview with  The History Underground  on the History Buzz!

We interview JD from The History Underground and have an absolute blast. The audio only podcast is live everywhere now…and you can get the first two parts of the video interview at our Talk with History YouTube channel. Talk with History

Ep 63 Travel Guide – Wright Brothers National Memorial | North Carolina

Free access to an amazing museum and memorial to the first ever powered flight is hard to pass up. So we didn’t…we made a video and talked all about how this historic event took place. Tips Access to the museum and memorial are free…why not go?

Preview: Interviews on the History Buzz podcast…featuring the History Underground

We have some interviews that we are working on releasing and one of our first ones will be with JD from the History Underground YouTube channel. The videos will be released on our new Talk with History YouTube channel… The video interviews will be put out in segments but the full audio podcast is availableContinue reading “Preview: Interviews on the History Buzz podcast…featuring the History Underground”

History of the First Flight

As a former Navy pilot, visiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina was something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Being at the location of the first ever powered flight felt so close to who I am…as I still take pride in what I did for my country andContinue reading “History of the First Flight”