Army Navy Store History

Through a twist of fate we discovered the oldest Army Navy Surplus Store in Norfolk, Virginia! M and G Surplus has been around since 1946, starting up right after World War II ended.

It was so neat to talk to the owners about the history behind the store as well as hear from them on some of their favorite items to ever grace the store!

You can find M and G Surplus at the below link…and if you are not in the Norfolk area, try visiting your local Army Navy store. You might like what you find!

  • Intro: 0:00
  • M and G Surplus store: 1:32
  • Family Ownership: 2:59
  • Favorite Artifact of Owners: 4:26
  • Museum Work: 7:10
  • Inside the Norfolk Army Navy store: 8:00
  • Military Pins: 9:01
  • Military Coins: 10:13
  • Store’s original founders: 10:38
  • Stories behind the items: 11:16
  • What is a blood chit?: 12:18
  • Uniforms: 14:23
  • A sign for sailors: 15:45
  • Items NOT for sale: 16:04
  • Visit your local store: 17:22
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