The History of Prohibition | American Prohibition Museum

The American Prohibition Museum is in Savannah, Georgia and a must see if you are ever visiting this historic city. It is great for both kids and adults, as children will love the immersive experience and adults can enjoy a cold “beverage” in the museum ‘speakeasy’ if you “tell them Gus sent ya”. Plan yourContinue reading “The History of Prohibition | American Prohibition Museum”

What Belongs in the British Museum?

With limited time available, Jenn visited some of the most famous artifacts on display at the British Museum to include the Rosetta Stone, Greek sculptures from the Acropolis, and an Easter Island statue. This is a museum you could devote multiple days too…but if you only have a few hours, then here are the thingsContinue reading “What Belongs in the British Museum?”

Historic Jamestown Virginia

Visiting the Historic Settlement at Jamestown Virginia was like walking back in time. We walk where John Smith met Pocahontas, the first settlers built their homes, and even got to tour ships just like what was sailed in the 1600s! Plan your visit:

Virtual Tour of the MacArthur Memorial | Norfolk, Virginia

You couldn’t ask for a more expert virtual tour than from someone who works here! I have been fortunate enough to work at the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial as a Museum Attendant (at the time of filming). I knew that MacArthur was a larger than life historical figure…but I never know HOW BIG he wasContinue reading “Virtual Tour of the MacArthur Memorial | Norfolk, Virginia”

The Civil Right Museum and Facts You Didn’t Know About the MLK Assassination

I visit the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and talk about LITTLE KNOWN FACTS of the MLK Assassination. It leads one to believe that James Earl Ray was not the actual assassin. Intro: 0:00Background of MLK Assassination: 0:18The Church and The Mountaintop Speech: 3:21The Lorraine Motel: 7:40James Earl Ray: 8:07MLK is Shot: 11:47Coretta King:Continue reading “The Civil Right Museum and Facts You Didn’t Know About the MLK Assassination”

Virtual Tour of Erie Maritime Museum

The Erie Maritime Museum commemorates one of the pivotal naval battles in our nation’s history. At the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British onboard the US Brig Niagara encouraging his men with the infamous phrase “Don’t give up the ship!”. He later wrote of the battleContinue reading “Virtual Tour of Erie Maritime Museum”