Band of Brothers: Major Dick Winters in Aldbourne, England

In WWII, Major Dick Winters and Easy Company arrived in Aldbourne, England – September of 1943…8 months before the Normandy landing. It was during a moment of reflection that Winters met the Barnes family as they mourned the loss of their son to the War. The chance meeting grew in to a close friendship andContinue reading “Band of Brothers: Major Dick Winters in Aldbourne, England”

Jack the Ripper Locations

Walking the real world London locations of Jack the Ripper’s canonical 5 murders was both surreal and ominous at the same time. Join me as I talk about each of the victims from the very spot that they fell victim to the most infamous serial killer of all time. Plan your visit: Intro: 0:00TimelineContinue reading “Jack the Ripper Locations”

Jack the Ripper Victim London Gravesite

I visit the gravesite of Catherine Eddowes, the 4th victim of Jack the Ripper in 1888. Caution…this particular video contains graphic retellings of what happened to this murder victim. Intro: 0:00London Memorial Hospital: 0:27City of London Cemetery: 1:12Catherine Eddowes Gravesite: 1:32Catherine Eddowes Murder: 2:09Jack the Ripper Timeline: 3:07

Women of Arlington National Cemetery

In our second collaboration with History Underground, we got to visit the Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. We also visit some other notable women’s buried there…and we barely scratched the surface. Join us as we honor the women of Arlington National Cemetery. History Underground Intro: 0:0Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gravesite: 0:40Mary Rudolph Gravesite: 1:25Rear AdmiralContinue reading “Women of Arlington National Cemetery”

2022 Call the Midwife Tour

As a HUGE fan of the show, I made a concerted effort to drive out to the Historic Chatham Docks, about 90 minutes outside of London, so I could do this Call the Midwife tour. Chatham Docks is where a good portion of the show is filmed and we were able to walk all throughContinue reading “2022 Call the Midwife Tour”