The Best Way to See Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg

We give you the tips and tricks for getting the most out of visiting Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas time. If you are a fan of coming here…this is a MUST DO! Intro: 0:00Williamsburg Christmas Market: 0:11Historical Character Plays: 2:38Ice Skating: 3:33Historic Decorations: 4:28Grand Illumination Proclamation: 6:51Williamsburg Inn at night: 8:05Palace Green holiday sights to see:Continue reading “The Best Way to See Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg”

Staying at a colonial home in Williamsburg, VA

Staying at the Lewis House in Colonial Williamsburg was a dream! Did you know that it was previously owned by Martha Washington’s grandfather? (yes…that Martha Washington) Join us as we show you inside a historic home (with some modern touches) and give you some tips on staying at Colonial Williamsburg! Intro: 0:00Staying at a ColonialContinue reading “Staying at a colonial home in Williamsburg, VA”

Walk With History Introduction

Funny that it took a year and over 50 videos for us to finally introduce ourselves. However, our live stream from Colonial Williamsburg provided the perfect opportunity for us to talk about how the channel started, what we have learned, and where we think we can take it in the future. Join us! Who isContinue reading “Walk With History Introduction”

The Founding Forefather You Never Knew

Did you know that George Wythe was signed the TOP SPOT for the Virginians on the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson SAVED THIS SPOT for Mr. George Wythe. Join us as we visit his home in Colonial Williamsburg and talk about his impact on U.S. History. Intro: 0:00Who Is George Wythe?: 0:21George Wythe House: 1:06ThomasContinue reading “The Founding Forefather You Never Knew”

Blackbeard’s Legacy Ended Here

Did you know that Blackbeard’s Legacy ended in Colonial Williamsburg? Even though Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, had been given a pardon by the King of England, the governor of Virginia (living in Williamsburg) decided to send a crew to capture him in November of 1718. While Blackbeard was killed in the attempt, his crew was broughtContinue reading “Blackbeard’s Legacy Ended Here”

Top Tips for Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

I wish I had this advice when I first visited Colonial Williamsburg…so I thought I would try and share it with you! These are some great tips and advice for anyone looking to come to this great place of American History. Tell them Walk With History sent you!! Plan your visit: Intro: 0:00Visitor’s Center: 0:10TheContinue reading “Top Tips for Visiting Colonial Williamsburg”

Your Colonial Williamsburg First Family Visit

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg for the first time with our family was an amazing experience. And since this is our 40th Walk With History episode…we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to make Walk With History videos with our family in tow! We are so grateful to the WalkContinue reading “Your Colonial Williamsburg First Family Visit”