Truth vs Myth in Devils Tower history

Devils Tower, a geological marvel in Wyoming, formed around 50 million years ago and was designated as the first U.S. national monument in 1906. However, its significance extends beyond geology, as it holds profound cultural and spiritual importance for Native American tribes such as the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Kiowa. Known as “Mato Tipila” toContinue reading “Truth vs Myth in Devils Tower history”

War Stories of an F-15

Thank you to the Pueblo Weisbrod Air Museum for allowing us to make this video. If you want to visit this amazing museum to can follow the link below. PWAM.ORG Intro: 0:00F15 war story: 0:47How this jet engaged in combat: 1:34Women in aviation: 2:19F15 is called to engage: 3:05Improvements in ejection seats: 4:20F15 fires onContinue reading “War Stories of an F-15”

What if Mount Rushmore was…different?

Did you know that the original 4 models were NOT the four U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln? We visited, Mount Rushmore, the famous American landmark located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and discovered more of the history behind this famous American tourist destination. The choice of presidentsContinue reading “What if Mount Rushmore was…different?”

True history of Crazy Horse monument

Discover the life and legacy of Crazy Horse, a renowned Native American leader and warrior of the Oglala Lakota tribe in the 19th century. Celebrated for his exceptional courage and strategic prowess, Crazy Horse played a pivotal role in resisting the encroachment of European settlers onto Lakota lands. From his early life in the changingContinue reading “True history of Crazy Horse monument”

Everyone stopped here on the Oregon Trail

Fort Laramie was THE place to stop on the Oregon Trail. I grew up visiting this fort; it was a pleasure to revisit it and put my historian eyes on it today. Intro: 0:00Origins of Fort Laramie: 0:19Barracks: 1:54Mormon Trail: 2:21Tents and canons: 2:51Everyday life in the 1800s: 3:42Trail wagons: 6:29Officers quarters: 6:58Embassy to theContinue reading “Everyone stopped here on the Oregon Trail”

Battle of the Little Bighorn

If you have never been to Montana to see Little Bighorn…make sure it is on your bucket list. The history is palpable as you drive across wide open spaces and onto the Crow Indian Reservation to get to this historic location. Intro: 0:00History of the 1868 Sioux Treaty: 0:17Lead up to conflict: 2:52Buffalo Calf RoadContinue reading “Battle of the Little Bighorn”

Go inside a B-29 Bomber

Check out what is inside one of the most famous aircraft of World War II. Thank you to the Pueblo Weisbrod Air Museum for sponsoring us to make this video. The Air Museum in Pueblo, Colorado is one of the best we have ever been to…and 100% the most kid friendly. (by a mile) planContinue reading “Go inside a B-29 Bomber”

Last Days of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood

Wild Bill Hickok was a legendary man of the Wild West. From outlaw in his younger days, to US Army scout, and later Federal Marshal he was the real deal. Will Bill Hickok was shot on August 2nd, 1876 in Deadwood, South Dakota by the infamous Jack McCall. We visit this legendary town, walk inContinue reading “Last Days of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood”

Buffalo Bill Wild West life and death

Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West show brought the Western frontier to thousands of people around the world. Did you know that Buffalo Bill ACTUALLY DID the things that were written about him? He was the real deal! Intro: 0:00Early life: 0:29How Buffalo Bill got his name: 2:35The jump to show business: 4:31Controversial burial:Continue reading “Buffalo Bill Wild West life and death”

President Eisenhower’s boyhood home

Many may not know that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was from Abilene, Kansas. He was born in Texas and his parents moved to Kansas when he was 2 years old. He always called it his home and was proud to be from there. We visited his presidential library and the home where he grew up.Continue reading “President Eisenhower’s boyhood home”