Walk With History Introduction

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Funny that it took a year and over 50 videos for us to finally introduce ourselves. However, our live stream from Colonial Williamsburg provided the perfect opportunity for us to talk about how the channel started, what we have learned, and where we think we can take it in the future.

Join us!

Who is Walk With History: 0:00
How it Started: 0:27
A Historian’s First Video: 2:54
How a Historian SHOULD research History: 4:15
How we knew this would work: 5:18
Our first BIG VIDEO: 6:33
Our first BIG MINI SERIES: 7:59
Learning AFTER the “Algorithm”: 9:00
Membership How To’s: 10:34
Community and the future of Walk With History: 13:32

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  1. You guys do a super job and I count you as friends. I always look forward to your content and seeing your precious faces. Love when the kids join in, I know you are so proud of them. Thank you both for your service!

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