The history of True Grit: 1969 vs 2010

In our first ever “Watch with History”, we compare the 1969 and 2010 versions of the movie “True Grit.” While the 2010 version has better cinematography, we prefer the characters and humor in the 1969 version. Both versions follow the story of a young girl seeking revenge for her father’s murder in the American OldContinue reading “The history of True Grit: 1969 vs 2010”

40 Years of Flashdance History

15 April 1983, Flashdance was released. This film exceeded all expectations and changed the face of 80s fashion…we visited the Pittsburgh filming locations to celebrate this classic film. This is a behind-the-scenes look. Main video: History of Flashdance and filming locations ⬇️ BTS video ⬇️ Interested in “retro” inspired History gear? Check out the WalkContinue reading “40 Years of Flashdance History”

This Month in History: January

A whole lot of pop culture and sports history this month!!! But don’t worry, we found some ‘classics’ too. Enjoy! 01 January 1958 On January 1st, 1958, Johnny Cash plays San Quentin State Prison…his first prison performance. “Folsom Prison Blues” had given Johnny Cash his first top-10 country hit earlier in 1956, and his liveContinue reading “This Month in History: January”