Elephant Man London Locations

Joseph Merrick, sometimes mistakenly called John Merrick, was widely known as the Elephant Man. His deformities and the way people treated him because of them, led him to a hard life. I retrace his footsteps in London and try to see what he saw. Get this episode’s Travel Guide 🗺 or send a coffee☕️: https://withkoji.com/@Walk_with_HistoryContinue reading “Elephant Man London Locations”

Was Pocahontas Ever Married?

We visit the site were Pocahontas was married in 1614…the historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. People may know her story from the Disney movie, but not many know how pivotal she was in our country’s founding. historic excavation pictures via Smithsonian Magazine. Intro 0:00About Walk With History: 0:15Pocahontas Statue: 0:331607 America’s First Settlement: 1:44The Church:Continue reading “Was Pocahontas Ever Married?”