Inside the Lincoln Assassination trial at Grant Hall

This episode of Walk With History takes place at Grant Hall in Fort McNair, Washington, DC, where the Lincoln Assassination trial was held from May to July of 1865. A military commission found seven of the prisoners guilty of at least one conspiracy charge, and four were sentenced to be hanged by the neck untilContinue reading “Inside the Lincoln Assassination trial at Grant Hall”

Origins of the “Six Triple Eight” (6888) Women’s Army Corps postal unit

The 6888th postal battalion was a shining star during WWII, showing the world how African American women could serve alongside their fellow countrymen and women. Mary McLeod Bethune is the reason the 6888 exists…join us as we tell you how she made that happen.

Smithsonian American history you’ve never seen (in under 5 minutes)

The Smithsonian American History Museum has a lifetime’s worth of artifacts to explore…so here is just a sample of what you can find there. Intro: 0:00George Washington easy chair: 0:49George McClellan items: 1:05Sash of truce: 1:11Sherman’s horse Winchester: 1:20Sherman’s hat: 1:31Grant’s chair: 1:37Appomattox furniture: 1:48Lincoln playbill: 2:03Mary Todd Lincoln dress: 2:24Lincoln’s top hat: 2:37Alexander GrahamContinue reading “Smithsonian American history you’ve never seen (in under 5 minutes)”

Walking the location of the Reagan assassination attempt

On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded in an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. Reagan had just finished giving a speech when Hinckley fired six shots, hitting Reagan and three other people. Reagan was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery to removeContinue reading “Walking the location of the Reagan assassination attempt”

Titanic memorial history, controversy, and location

The Titanic memorial is in Washington, DC and I got a quick chance to visit it and pay my respects to those honored for their sacrifice made when the Titanic sank on April Intro: 0:00 What Happened: 1:06 Titanic Memorial Location: 3:13 The “Secret” Society: 4:45 Where does “Women and Children first” come from?: 5:31Continue reading “Titanic memorial history, controversy, and location”

Historian Gives a Virtual Tour of the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

My historian brain almost exploded here…

Virtual Tour of the Lincoln Assassination Sites

We walk in the footsteps of history as we visit each location of the various events surrounding the night of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Walking in the footsteps of Lincoln and his cabinet, John Wilkes Booth and his fellow Conspirators is an experience you don’t want to miss!!