Abraham Lincoln: Home Life and After Life

We visit the last home of President Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois…as well as his tomb not far away. Intro: 0:00Springfield home: 0:10Inside Lincoln’s home: 0:57Lincoln’s family life: 2:52Lincoln’s last time at home: 3:52Lincoln’s tomb: 4:16Inside Lincoln’s tomb: 5:22Walking in President Lincoln’s footsteps: 6:47

Abraham Lincoln’s life like you’ve never seen it before

Look at President Lincoln’s life like you have never seen it before…up close from childhood to his passing in 1865. Plan your visit: https://presidentlincoln.illinois.gov/ Intro: 0:00Lincoln Museum: 0:13Lincoln’s early life: 1:07Lincoln’s political career: 3:51Lincoln elected: 5:14Civil War begins: 5:59Son dies: 7:13Civil War ends: 9:32Lincoln’s death: 10:44