Women of Arlington National Cemetery

In our second collaboration with History Underground, we got to visit the Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. We also visit some other notable women’s buried thereā€¦and we barely scratched the surface. Join us as we honor the women of Arlington National Cemetery. History Underground Intro: 0:0Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gravesite: 0:40Mary Rudolph Gravesite: 1:25Rear AdmiralContinue reading “Women of Arlington National Cemetery”

2022 Call the Midwife Tour

As a HUGE fan of the show, I made a concerted effort to drive out to the Historic Chatham Docks, about 90 minutes outside of London, so I could do this Call the Midwife tour. Chatham Docks is where a good portion of the show is filmed and we were able to walk all throughContinue reading “2022 Call the Midwife Tour”