2022 Call the Midwife Tour

As a HUGE fan of the show, I made a concerted effort to drive out to the Historic Chatham Docks, about 90 minutes outside of London, so I could do this Call the Midwife tour.

Chatham Docks is where a good portion of the show is filmed and we were able to walk all through the exact places where iconic show events took place.

Plan your visit: https://thedockyard.co.uk/whats-on/call-the-midwife-location-tours/

Intro: 0:00
Historic Chatham Docks: 0:16
Call the Midwife Locations: 1:00
Interviewing a Call the Midwife Tour Guide: 1:54
The Docks: 3:23
Call the Midwife Museum: 4:14
Dr Turner’s Maternity Home: 6:46

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