Oregon Trail spots you can see today

You can go see the over 100-year-old wagon ruts in Wyoming right now…and not far away is Register Cliff, where travelers would carve their names into the soft rock to let others know they had made it that far. Both of these sites are an incredible timestamp on history that gives you a glimpse intoContinue reading “Oregon Trail spots you can see today”

Truth vs Myth in Devils Tower history

Devils Tower, a geological marvel in Wyoming, formed around 50 million years ago and was designated as the first U.S. national monument in 1906. However, its significance extends beyond geology, as it holds profound cultural and spiritual importance for Native American tribes such as the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Kiowa. Known as “Mato Tipila” toContinue reading “Truth vs Myth in Devils Tower history”

Everyone stopped here on the Oregon Trail

Fort Laramie was THE place to stop on the Oregon Trail. I grew up visiting this fort; it was a pleasure to revisit it and put my historian eyes on it today. Intro: 0:00Origins of Fort Laramie: 0:19Barracks: 1:54Mormon Trail: 2:21Tents and canons: 2:51Everyday life in the 1800s: 3:42Trail wagons: 6:29Officers quarters: 6:58Embassy to theContinue reading “Everyone stopped here on the Oregon Trail”