Podcast Ep 46: Top 10 Walk with History videos of 2022


We recap the most popular Walk with History videos published in 2022. From Colonial Williamsburg to Arlington National Cemetery…we walk through 10 history videos of ours that caught everyone’s interest!

1. Staying in a colonial home in Williamsburg: https://youtu.be/qzjVmLVHJhY

2. Historic Jamestown Virginia: https://youtu.be/UGvaW8b5Ras

3. Arlington House Tour with The History Underground: https://youtu.be/l7q-QRdYZj4

4. The History of Army Navy Surplus Stores – since 1946!: https://youtu.be/5t8g7esB5QQ

5. Major Dick Winters and the Band of Brothers in England before D-Day: https://youtu.be/6jg_EEY3hUk

6. Visiting the real Sleepy Hollow: https://youtu.be/NyRuAE7QuCY

7. Churchill’s War Rooms: https://youtu.be/CPzs1-2aD_Y

8. Women of Arlington National Cemetery with History Underground: https://youtu.be/Ctks7m0a20g

9. His name is Dr Mudd | Lincoln Assassination: https://youtu.be/nbja472Tqro

10. Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg: https://youtu.be/2ic1oULX8Qo

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Ep46 Top 10 Videos of 2022

[00:00:00] Jenn: I love Eric’s like, we’re coming after you. History Channel.

[00:00:02] Scott: That’s right. 10 million . We’re coming.

[00:00:05] Jenn: We’re gonna get

[00:00:05] Scott: you. Yeah. History channel. They, they can’t be the only one with the over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. I don’t even know what they’re at right now. But we’re coming for you.

[00:00:24] Welcome to Talk With History. I’m your host Scott here with my wife and historian Jen. Hello. On this podcast, we give you insights to our history inspired world travels YouTube channel journey, and examine history through deeper conversations with the curious, the explorers, and the history lovers out there.

[00:00:41] Happy 2023.

[00:00:43] Jenn: Happy New Year.

[00:00:44] Scott: Happy New Year, Jen. So this is our first. Video of the new year. This is the first video for us on Walk With History of 2023. So we’re recording this kind of as a retrospective for 2022. We’re gonna go over our top 10 most viewed videos of 2022. These are the ones that were actually published.

[00:01:01] We actually had some that kind of popped off that were published a little over a year ago, like our Arlington two video,

[00:01:07] Jenn: so published in

[00:01:08] Scott: published in 2022, and kind of we’re gonna go from 10th most viewed all the way up to number one.

[00:01:15] Jenn: Yay.

[00:01:15] Scott: This is a fun timestamp. I think I wanna do this every year because it’ll be fun in a year, two years, three years, five

[00:01:23] Jenn: to revisit,

[00:01:23] Scott: look back and be like, Hey, look at 2022. We were at about 7,700 subscribers right now. Yeah. So thank you to all our subscribers out there, to our community.

[00:01:32] I mean, that’s really what we should lead off with is, is thank you to you guys. So much fun because you guys interact with us because we get to meet you. We email, we exchange remarks in the comments and it’s just a ton of fun. Like even there’s, there’s Tommy right there in the comments. Hey Tommy.

[00:01:49] Jenn: Hey. Hi Tommy. And you guys give us great ideas. Tuskegee Airman at Arlington was an idea.

[00:01:55] Scott: That was from someone who

[00:01:56] Jenn: a viewer.

[00:01:56] Scott: From From a viewer. That was a great one. And honestly, I really enjoyed that video.

Number 10: Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas

[00:02:00] Scott: Our, our 10th most viewed video of 2022 is actually our last video of 2022. And that was, that was Christmas in Colonial

[00:02:10] Jenn: Yes. It’s, it’s great how that’s like popped up with being with having a lot of views, but I think people like to look at Christmas time.

[00:02:17] They like to look at videos of Christmas time

[00:02:19] Scott: and, and that was a video that we’d wanted to do for a while.

[00:02:22] Sure.

[00:02:22] Jenn: Because Williamsburg, it’s something special that they do and it’s different and it’s fun and it’s nostalgic. And so we got to go there and show you what it looks like at Christmas time, how it’s decorated at Christmas time.

[00:02:35] And we did the grand illumination.

[00:02:37] Scott: Which you can only see it three times a year and it’s only at Christmas time. Yes. And we wanted to do that. We actually had to go back with the kids to, to do that. So that was a lot of

[00:02:48] Jenn: It was a lot of fun. It’s, I think it is a good family event. Five to seven, the first three Saturdays of December in Colonial Williamsburg.

[00:02:57] And the weather wasn’t too bad. I mean, us moving from Erie, Pennsylvania to Norfolk, Virginia, we, the winter is milder and so you can be outside and actually put fire off fireworks and it was a lot of

[00:03:10] Scott: Yeah, and actually, Tommy, your comment in the, he asked if we can do Antietam , so we’re gonna talk about a couple things that we have planned coming up this year.

[00:03:16] So that’s potentially on, on the list of things that we, that we want to do. So we’ll talk about that at the end. If you wanna stick around for things that we have planned for

[00:03:24] Jenn: 2020. Yeah. We’d love some ideas. Give us some

[00:03:26] ideas. Yeah,

[00:03:26] Scott: So that was number 10, which is pretty cool because even though it was our most recent video, it did pretty decently, right up front.


Number 9: Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination

[00:03:33] Scott: Number nine, most popular video for us in 2022 was, his name is Dr. Mud, the Lincoln assassination.

[00:03:41] Jenn: So that was an neat one to do because I was driving to you, you were in Newport Yeah. For work. And I was driving to you with the kids, and I took a back road to DC and I drove by a sign that said assassin demise.

[00:03:57] Died here. Died here. And that’s, and I stopped and I. Backed up and it was where John Wilkes Booth

[00:04:02] Scott: was. Yeah. You were like driving down the freeway. . It’s a

[00:04:06] Jenn: freeway, but Yes, yes. And so I knew Dr. Mud was close because if you know the story, you know that Dr. Mud helped out John Wilkes booth.

[00:04:14] He didn’t make it far from there. So we went to the Dr. Mud’s house. If you watched the video, it wasn’t open

[00:04:21] Scott: Yeah, that’s right. That was, that was actually a fun video and it did better than I expected. But I think we did a good job of really telling the story of how involved Dr. Mud actually

[00:04:32] Jenn: Sure. And what the, what the evidence points to with Dr.

[00:04:36] Mudd, there is a lot of controversy and as you can see in the comments from that video, there are people who take different sides. And you, we were able to go to Dr. Mudd’s grave and that church where he’s buried at is the place where he met John Wilkes Booth for the first time

[00:04:50] Scott: before the assassination. Before

[00:04:51] Jenn: the assassination.

[00:04:53] And then we talk about what happened to Dr. Red after. And so it was a very interesting story and. Cool to be there. And again, you can kind of see the path

[00:05:04] Scott: And you stopping at that sign on the side of the freeway actually worked really well with the, with the story and, and telling that because not far from there was, there was some family that kind of helped John Wilkes Booth at one point in time.

[00:05:17] Jenn: And so we’ll do more of that story because what’s significant is the family that John Wilkes Booth stays at, and then they eventually tell him to go in the barn because they’re worried about all the, the, the atmosphere that’s starting. People are searching for him and they tell him to go stay in the barn and that’s when he’s eventually killed that family.

[00:05:38] The son of that family is buried at one of these local cemeteries here in Norfolk. So I’m going to go to that grave and tell you that whole story because that family’s life was very impacted by that, even though they really had no say John Wilkes Booth had a, he was armed when he came to their house and requested assistance and they helped him because, they felt compelled and wanted to.

[00:06:02] Their lives. That family actually paid for it. Yeah. Rest, rest of their

[00:06:07] Scott: Yeah.

[00:06:07] Yeah. So that, that was, that was a cool video. And I like the opening. Right. We opened with the scene from National Treasure talking about Dr. Mud. So that was, that was

[00:06:14] Jenn: name is Mudd.

Number 8: Women of arlington National Cemetery with History Underground

[00:06:14] Scott: So moving up the list, number eight, it was actually a first of two videos we did as a collaboration with JD from History Underground.

[00:06:22] And so this was the Women of Arlington National Cemetery.

[00:06:25] Jenn: Yeah, that was a great one to do. It was great to do with jd. We pivoted that day. We had planned to do another video, which we still have planned to do, and we, we couldn’t do that one. We couldn’t have access that day. So we said, why don’t we just go to Arlington?

[00:06:39] There’s so much to do at Arlington. There’s so much, so much subject matter, and there’s a woman’s museum at Arlington. And so we went in there and actually JD was recogniz.

[00:06:51] Scott: Yeah. Yeah. So, so the JD had already been filming in the area. He was doing a, a trip out

[00:06:57] Jenn: JD from the history

[00:06:58] Scott: from the history underground.

[00:06:59] And so we met up with him. We had kind of planned this in advance and this was the day. After you got back from London? Yes. So she had just spent two weeks in London. She had been filming every day, just going a hundred miles an hour. She flew back, slept home that night, and that next morning we got up and we took the kids and we drove up to DC to meet up with jd.

[00:07:19] And it, but it ended up being really fun. And so we got to visit the wo, the Women’s Memorial,

[00:07:24] Jenn: and talk about some significant women who are buried at Arlington. Yeah. And I think it was great for jd being a, a female veteran. I gave a different perspective. I kind of put him on the spot, asked him how he felt about women in the military.

[00:07:37] I love doing that to guys. And it was a really, a great video. I love collaborations. I love collaborating with jd. We have kind of known each other since our, both of our channels. Were kind of an infancy, so it’s kind of neat to see his channel really has taken

[00:07:51] Scott: he’s, he’s amazing. If you haven’t checked out his underground go check him out because his, his videos are, are,

[00:07:57] Jenn: he’s

[00:07:57] Scott: good.

[00:07:57] Jenn: a great historian and just a really great person and we love collaborate collaborating with

[00:08:03] Scott: Yeah. So, so that was, that was a really fun one. And speaking of London, so just a few days prior to that is our number seven video, and that was the Churchill War Rooms.

Number 7: Churchill War Rooms

[00:08:14] Jenn: Fantastic.

[00:08:15] Scott: That’s, that’s honestly probably my favorite video that turned out after I edit it.

[00:08:21] Because

[00:08:22] Jenn: you edited it so well with Churchill’s speeches. Yes. And so Churchill’s speeches really gave a lot of atmosphere as you’re walking through these war rooms. So if you don’t know the history here, this is where Churchill basically managed World War II underneath the ground of London, and how they set this whole place up to be efficient and.

[00:08:45] Protective during the blitz because basically they’re getting bombed every day, any time and they need to keep running the war and being efficient and keeping the intelligence as fast, keeping it going as fast as possible. And they had not changed it. So they shut off when the war was over, they had shut off the lights in these war rooms and these are like underground bunkers and they just didn’t clean anything up or do anything.

[00:09:11] I think

[00:09:11] Scott: they just, they just left it alone for like 60

[00:09:13] Jenn: years

[00:09:13] These are just exhausted, I think. And they were like, okay. So what it was neat is they were able to just turn back on the lights, leave things as they were,

[00:09:20] Scott: certain, certain things, certain sections of it,

[00:09:22] Jenn: it and just give you the story.

[00:09:23] Scott: Yeah. And, and I think that video. It did so well. One, because World War ii. Right? World War II is a very popular topic in the history niche in on YouTube.

[00:09:33] And two, like you said, we were able to incorporate and I’ll, I’ll, I will say it was actually really difficult for me to do. Because it’s much easier if I’m there with you filming these videos. I found in some of the archive places online, old recordings of Churchill giving some of his famous speeches, an interesting story.

[00:09:53] So to kind of look a little bit behind that we actually had a, a significant copyright claim against that because there’s certain media companies that own the rights to those speeches like the Martin Luther King speech to. Certain portions of it. And I was actually able to, Dispute that because we’re doing this for fair use.

[00:10:13] And I was doing this for educational purposes, right? We’re an educationally focused channel. It was nice to kind of be able to dispute that. And this is fair use. We’re showing people we’re educating people about what happened in World War II and, and what the English did. And the, just the, the war, the war rooms themselves were really, really neat.

[00:10:30] I think that even I would’ve enjoyed yes, going there in

[00:10:34] Jenn: So my.

[00:10:34] suggestion is it’s, it’s a popular attraction in London if you’re gonna do it. I did not buy tickets beforehand. I recommend you do that. I was just the first person in line when it

[00:10:43] Scott: Yeah. She got there early

[00:10:44] Jenn: And I got there early and a lot of people take tour guides with them.

[00:10:47] I’ve not, I noticed. You really don’t need them. You can read the stuff on the side or do your research before you go. But it was really neat to be there early so then I could film and they let me film everything, which I really appreciate about them as well.

[00:11:00] Scott: Yeah. So that, that, that one turned out way better than I expected by the time I got it done.

[00:11:05] There’s just certain shots in that that I just really to, to even now just really am proud of.

[00:11:12] Jenn: Yes. And that Churchill drank whiskey every day. Yeah. Yeah. And I brought him home a bottle of the Churchill

[00:11:19] Scott: I still have to try that. I still have to crack that open.

Number 6: Visiting the Real Sleepy Hollow

[00:11:21] Scott: So if we’re moving on from there, it was actually a little bit older video. Again, it was kind of when you were coming up to visit me up in the Rhode Island area for that work trip Was visiting the real sleepy.

[00:11:33] Jenn: It was amazing. I mean, as you’re, if you’re a kid and you watched the Disney Legend Sleep Hollow with being Crosby narrating,

[00:11:42] Scott: story of Iba

[00:11:43] Jenn: The story of Icabod crane has really lived in , my heart since I was a child.

[00:11:46] I wanted to see it and be a part of it, and it was so neat to go to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. You get to see the bridge, the entire story that Washington Irvin dreamed up and there were, there’s some history throughout it. Like the headless horseman was actually in the,

[00:12:01] Scott: it’s semi historically soldier. Yeah, it was a historical ghost, kind

[00:12:05] of

[00:12:05] Jenn: Story and where Andre was captured having the plans for West Point Right. Is where Icabod Crane first encounters the headless

[00:12:16] Scott: Yeah. And it was neat for me when we go back, went back and made the video and I, I show you along the map kind of where he would’ve met the headless horseman and the, the path that he took.

[00:12:26] And it’s basically the main drag.

[00:12:27] Jenn: is, this is

[00:12:28] Scott: right. He’s, he’s kind

[00:12:29] Jenn: the time would be Right. Cuz that’s the main.

[00:12:31] Scott: path. But it was just neat to see that on the path, right? Hey, here’s all these points. Yes. Where it shows this in the cartoon and that in the cartoon and this, that and the other.

[00:12:39] Right. Where the, where the house was and they had the party and he’s telling the ghost story and singing. Yes. Right. And then when he takes off and goes across the bridge to the church Yes. And, and all that stuff,

[00:12:48] Jenn: stuff. Mm-hmm.

[00:12:48] Scott: That was, that was just a.

[00:12:50] A

[00:12:51] Jenn: was

[00:12:51] Scott: video. Yeah. And it kind of took off, I mean, not long around, not long after kind of

[00:12:56] Jenn: Mm-hmm. which again, I think people really wanna learn about something that’s

[00:13:02] Scott: Yeah. And that’s something that’s timeless. I I think that that video will age pretty well. So from there, we’re breaking into our top five now.

Number 6: Dick Winters in England before D-Day

[00:13:10] Scott: So top five. And this one I was not surprised that it did as well as it did was another London video.

[00:13:15] Another England video was Major Dick Winters in the Band of Brothers in, in England before D-Day.

[00:13:20] Jenn: Yes. And I, this is something that hadn’t been done before and I, I, it was really significant for me to do.

[00:13:27] Banded Brothers has been done a lot on YouTube.

[00:13:31] Scott: very popular.

[00:13:32] Jenn: Very popular, but I really wanted to dive more into Dick Winters and his motivations you’re leading men into war and what his life was like, the buildup for that, and how he kind of prepared for that. And so his time in Aldbourne, which is where they were before the D-Day landing, he had spent some time with a civilian English family.

[00:13:55] and they were very significant to him, and I wanted to pay my respects to them, their grave in Alder and tell more of that

[00:14:04] Scott: Yeah. Then, and we show some clips from the Banded Brothers series of where in the, in the series that would’ve taken place in Aldbourne. Right. Because they spent like eight

[00:14:15] Jenn: Oh yeah. That’s

[00:14:15] Scott: Before D-Day. So they were there for a very long time, like really living with these families.

[00:14:21] And so we should kind of show clips of that. And it was neat because I think the one thing that you did that’s unique from some of the other stuff that I’ve seen on Band of Brothers was talk about how Dick Winters. Said this place and this family and that time there was so transformational for him.

[00:14:37] And he’s a well known real life character as well as a character in the series. Right. He’s the like the primary character. Yes. And I think it’s significant for Scott and I, both officers in the military leadership, what, what does it take to lead people into combat?

[00:14:55] Jenn: Yeah. And Dick Winters really makes it about the simplicity of life. And I, I appreciated

[00:15:01] Scott: that, that that was the new one.

[00:15:02] And I wasn’t surprised it was gonna do well. I think anything that you kind of threw out there with banded brothers on YouTube, there’s lots of people looking for that stuff. So that was a fun one.

Number 4: Army Navy surplus store history since 1946

[00:15:10] Scott: The, the next video on our list, number four. Of our top 10 was actually the one. Another fun one for us was the history of Army navy surplus stores since 1946.

[00:15:22] Jenn: That is so cool. So Norfolk has a, an Army navy surplus store that we would drive by all the time, and it’s been here since 1946. And we stopped in and I just thought it was the most amazing place.

[00:15:37] Lots of history everywhere. And I asked if I could make a video and they were, they were all for it. And so just to learn. What was surplus and how did that happen and how they keep going and kind of the artifacts they get in now and the things that you can find in a surplus store and just the great stories and,

[00:15:58] Scott: and, and just the, the, so the store owner or owners, right. Larry and his sister Laura, yes. They were like super accommodating. And Jenn had actually kind of connected with them through their daughter who she’d followed online and, and again, From a production standpoint, it was fun to just go and film there.

[00:16:15] Yes. Because there’s so many interesting things to see. And then Larry had some great stories about different artifacts and we’re considering kind of reaching out and maybe trying to do more video pieces on, on things there.

[00:16:27] Jenn: they have some very interesting artifacts. Thanks. M and g sales in Norfolk. . They’ve been around since 1946. And then just to understand, I wasn’t quite sure how surplus came about, but if you can understand the, the ramp up for the war. And all the stuff that was made for the military and then the war ended. Yeah. In 1945 and they had all of this stuff. It became surplus. And that I thought was fascinating. And then how it gets sold and people want military grade.

[00:16:55] Scott: Well, and, and just so some of their customers are, so they get a lot of theater.

[00:16:59] , right? Because they need props and costumes and uniforms and things like that. So that was really fun. And the kids loved it there. And Larry was really great with Madison, our daughter, because she asked him like, Literally, I think a million questions. And he just, he loved it. So we’ve gone, we’ve gone back a couple times.

[00:17:16] I think we actually went and brought him some, some Christmas cookies. Yes. So they’re, they’re, they’re great people there. So that was number four on our list. Number three we’re breaking in.

Number 3: Arlington House tour with History Underground

[00:17:25] Scott: The top three for our top 10 videos of 2022 was actually again, our second collaboration video with JD from the History Underground was the same day, same trip was the Arlington house.

[00:17:37] Jenn: So again, we pivoted. We went to Arlington.

[00:17:41] There’s a lot of history there that needs to be told. And Arlington House had been closed previously for other videos because of Covid, and this day it happened to be open and we got so lucky. Arlington house is Robert e Lee’s plantation before the civil.

[00:18:01] and Robert E. Lee is married at Arlington house.

[00:18:05] This is the place that he leaves from. His wife will leave from.

[00:18:09] Scott: yeah. So before it was Arlington National Cemetery. It was his home. It

[00:18:13] Jenn: was his home. and we tell this story like the Lee Robert Lee has married into George Washington’s family. Robert e Lee’s wife Custis. Mary Custis is a descendant of George Washington and that’s why this land.

[00:18:26] Is prime real estate in Washington, DC It overlooks the Potomac. It’s on a hill. You have a great vantage point of dc. It’s because George Washington was like, I want this land and I like it now. He didn’t build on it. It was a, it was a ancestor of his, it built on it. But she inherited the house when Robert de Lee marries her.

[00:18:46] He inherits the house and then they’re married there. So it was very neat to see that history and walk around that.

[00:18:53] Scott: And they had, I think they had like a surprising amount of like original, like furniture and stuff like that.

[00:19:00] artifacts. Oh, that actually kind of surprised me. For, for how much, what has, what like has gone on there.

[00:19:06] Right. Especially like how long it’s been around and then

[00:19:09] Jenn: kind of ransacked

[00:19:10] Scott: during civil, yeah. Ransacked during the civil War and, and the video we get, we show kind of like an old. 18 hundreds eras photo, and then we show a today photo. Mm-hmm. , and it looks pretty much the same. Yeah. Now obviously they’ve maintained it and they have know, other stuff that they displayed behind it, talking about Selena Gray and some of the slave enslaved quarters.

[00:19:31] Significant

[00:19:32] story. Yeah. So,

[00:19:32] Jenn: she yeah, the, her, the enslaved saved a lot of the artifacts because they were left behind and they saved a lot of the things that are there.

[00:19:41] Scott: Yeah. So that was that was our number three most popular viewed video. And I think it’s, part of it was JD kind of gave us like a, a big old shout out on his channel.

[00:19:50] And and he pointed to that video. Right. And I think we released that video like abnormally on a Sunday, because that’s like Sunday evening or afternoon because JD had posted his on Sunday morning. . So we were trying to take advantage of a friend of ours who’s like at an incredibly popular channel.

[00:20:07] So that was, that was just a ton of fun. And it was fun to do it with jd. And again, from a production side to kind of see his video and how he does things and stuff like that was really cool.

[00:20:16] Jenn: It was neat.

[00:20:17] Scott: So, all right. So now we’re into the, in the top two. And these, these two videos have just had kind of nice long legs.

[00:20:23] Sure. All the way through the year. They’re probably two of our earliest videos. I think they were published in. Right in January and February, yeah. Of 2022.

Number 2: Historic Jamestown Virginia

[00:20:32] Scott: So number two on our list is historic Jamestown, Virginia. And I think, honestly this is one of those ones that’s just very searchable because we did a good job of just kind of showing a little bit of everything that you can find in historic Jamestown when people.

[00:20:50] Are searching like, Hey, I’m gonna be in Jamestown, or I’m gonna go do the whole Colonial Williamsburg area, the Triangle of Historic. They’re gonna look up our other video in Colonial Williamsburg, and then they’re gonna look up Jamestown.

[00:21:00] Jenn: So what’s interesting about Jamestown, and I’ll talk about this a little bit, we, you have the historic triangle where we are. So what is the historic triangle? It’s Williamsburg Yorktown. Jamestown. They call that the historic triangle cuz they’re all very close in proximity.

[00:21:12] Jamestown has like two areas and you can kind of get confused about them. Jamestown has a museum where they recreate what Jamestown would’ve looked like. They tell you the story of Jamestown. You can walk through and you’re like, oh, is this Jamestown? No, that’s not . So the National Park Service actually has the actual location.

[00:21:33] And if you go to the actual location, it’s not really recreated to look like Jamestown because it’s still an active dig. Yeah. And they’re still looking for things. But they do have a great big statue there of um, John Smith. And they kind of have the outline of the church where Pocahontas was married and they have they have found some bones and they’ve recreated some colonial lives.

[00:21:56] Jane is one of them. And so there’s a kind of museum off to the side that tells that story. And that is Jamestown. That is the actual location where the settl. First touch ground. That’s where they meet Pocahontas and her family. And, and this is the years of living and surviving.

[00:22:18] That’s the location, the recreation of Jamestown Museum is made to look how that would have looked, but it’s not on the actual spot. And there are two separate locations you drive to separately. So I think

[00:22:30] Scott: man, we, we were confused at

[00:22:31] Jenn: We stumbled upon

[00:22:32] Scott: and, and I remember someone actually commented, kind of like upset with us on that video saying like, Hey, this isn’t historic Jamestown, this is the recreation.

[00:22:42] And we kind of looked and we’re like, oh, yeah. So I actually tweaked, I think I tweaked their, our, our title. Yes. Because I, I just wanted to be factually correct

[00:22:50] Jenn: and it was great cuz I think, if I remember correctly, I went out there on my birthday in December alone and kind of saw it on like, oh, we need to make a video from here, and then brought the family and did it.

[00:23:00] Scott: Yeah. And, and honestly like the, the first one we went to, the one that in this particular video, like the museum there was great, like the whole, the displays, I mean, they, they go all out. It’s really, really nice.

[00:23:10] Jenn: And you can interact again with the historic figures there and you can ask them questions and they know their history and so it’s just really great to have that. The kids loved it. They got to learn how to like, make flower

[00:23:24] Scott: Yeah. I, I mean, I think that video’s probably had a few thousand views. Yeah. Which, for our channel right now before we explode, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna put it out there.

[00:23:33] There’s, there’s lots of stuff in the Jamestown area, colonial Williamsburg area.

[00:23:37] They’re always kind of, Discovering something new or, hey, something was, we thought was here, but it’s actually over here. Mm-hmm. , right. So that’s why they actually have, they have active digs in Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown and all

[00:23:48] Jenn: It’s super neat to see them

[00:23:50] Scott: It’s super fun.

Number 1: Staying in a Colonial Williamsburg home

[00:23:51] Scott: Let’s talk about the number one.

[00:23:53] Most popular video for, for ours in, in 2022. And I think this is actually pretty appropriate. Cuz it was right around our

[00:24:01] Jenn: It was our

[00:24:01] Scott: It was an anniversary trip. And then we had actually made, like we had done our very first live stream mm-hmm. actually before this video was published in this,

[00:24:11] Jenn: probably in that house. Probably some of you were there.

[00:24:13] Scott: Yeah. You guys, so I, I think some of you guys were actually on our very first live stream and that was February of 2022. So it was little, almost a year ago now. Yeah. But that was staying in a colonial home in Williamsburg. And again, I think this is one of those ones. From just a kind of production side that people are looking, they go to YouTube and they go to Google and they’re like, Hey, what’s it look like?

[00:24:35] What’s it like to stay in a home in Colonial Williamsburg? Should I stay in one course? And our video, I mean, it’s got almost 10,000 views. And because I think people are looking for that, and that was a special occasion because it’s

[00:24:45] Jenn: our 15th.

[00:24:46] Scott: Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s not it’s not inexpensive. We’ll put it that way.

[00:24:51] And

[00:24:51] Jenn: 15 year anniversary. So I’ve had a lot of comments on there saying, I didn’t know what the inside looked like.

[00:24:57] Thank you for posting this. And that’s kind of what we were going through too, looking for a colonial house to stay in, which you can, they, they give you options, but you don’t know what they look

[00:25:06] Scott: Yeah. And some, and some of ’em are like, like joint units. Yes. Or they’re, they’re super Small.

[00:25:14] Jenn: Or they have they’re just like the kitchen that’s kind of been recreated to look that, that makes it look like a home.

[00:25:20] Or you can stand like, The bigger houses, right, that have like hotel rooms.

[00:25:26] Scott: but then it’s like joint

[00:25:27] Jenn: bathrooms. Yes. But we got the whole house and nobody had made a video from the house to kind of show you this is what the house looks like and these are what the rooms look like, and this is what’s this is what the bathroom looks like.

[00:25:39] And so we did a whole kind of tour of the house. And this home was

[00:25:46] Scott: Martha

[00:25:47] Washington’s, Martha Washington, I think.

[00:25:49] Grandfathers or fathers or something like that. Yes. Yeah, he rented it. He grandfathers, they, he had like rented it out. It was one of his

[00:25:55] Jenn: properties. Yes,

[00:25:55] yes. And so that was the, so Martha Washington would’ve been around there and visited. So it was very neat to stay in that home.

[00:26:05] And you’re right there, like we were right across the street from the Colonial Williamsburg in. and we had a fire made. You can have fire made. They can, they will make a fire in the home if it’s less than like 40 degrees outside or something. But no one else had done that. And we take you on a step by step through the whole thing.

[00:26:23] And I think a lot of people appreciate that before they stay in

[00:26:25] Scott: these houses. Sure. Yeah. They wanna see like, Hey, is it worth the money that I’m spending or, yes.

[00:26:29] Jenn: my whole family will

[00:26:30] Scott: become, is it, is it big enough? Right. The, the particular place we stayed in We went a little bit bigger just because we wanted to, to try something special. And you, the family of you probably could had six, seven people stay in that place pretty comfortably. Yes.

[00:26:43] Jenn: it was great.

[00:26:43] Scott: So that was, that was a ton of fun.

[00:26:45] So that, that was our, our, our top 10 videos of, of 2022. And again really a.

[00:26:53] This is a fun experience this year. It wasn’t our most viewed videos of of the year, but the ones that were published, I think our most viewed video was our second Arlington video, which kind of caught some steam in in the summertime.

[00:27:05] But this is largely due to you guys to, to our viewers, to our community and, and we want to thank you guys because we love having you guys here on the live streams. So you guys know we’re gonna try to do a little bit more regularly and we just absolutely love doing this. And this is. A passion project of ours.

[00:27:21] I was telling Jen I, I we both work full-time right now, and while the, the break, the Christmas break for us was, was nice because it, it is work to put the channel on. I missed. The production I missed interacting with the community. So I hope you guys all had had a great Christmas.

2023 plans

[00:27:40] Scott: Now we are gonna talk about this year, next year. So, so let’s give what, what are a couple things that we have planned without kind of laying it all out there? What are, what are some things we have on the on

[00:27:52] Jenn: And if you have any suggestions, please put them in the chat. But some of the things like we are super excited about, we definitely wanna do Monticello.

[00:28:02] Yeah. Oh, we live close and we need to get out there and show everybody what Monticello looks like. We are going to do. the loving case. So that’s kind of important to me. That’s interracial marriage. The, the Lovings were the first to go up against the Supreme Court and they are here. They, they’re from here in Virginia.

[00:28:25] So we’re gonna do that story, which I think it is a great story for of American history. We are planning to go out west.

[00:28:33] Scott: We are, we’ve got a, a family reunion out west and then we’re gonna kind of continue that trip. And we’re, I don’t think we’re gonna make it all the way out to the coast, but there’s gonna be plenty, plenty of Western history coming

[00:28:46] Jenn: And so one of the things I’m so excited about is the John Wayne Museum.

[00:28:50] Scott: Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep.

[00:28:52] Jenn: I’m a huge John Wayne fan. We’re definitely gonna do Battle. Little Big Horn. We’re gonna do Crazy Horse Mount Rushmore. I’m just looking forward to all of that history. I, I, I think some people know that I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I just was really. Immersed in American Western history in high school and I won History day in high school.

[00:29:17] You did? I

[00:29:18] Scott: did. I don’t think I knew that.

[00:29:19] Jenn: And so I just love telling those Western stories and so we’re gonna get out there and do some of that, so we’re really looking forward to that. But we definitely need to go on the Wisconsin and we’re both sailors and we need to bring you a Navy ship. I think we need

[00:29:36] Scott: need to, we actually, we, we actually met someone, I think he found our podcast First Talk with history.

[00:29:41] But our a follow of our friend of ours, Doug who we. Converse with every now and then has kind of offered, he actually works as a tour guide on the Wisconsin, so we’re, that is a goal we will get out there maybe when it warms up a little bit because he said it can be pretty cold in the Wisconsin, in the wintertime.

[00:29:58] So, so maybe as it starts warming up, warm, warming up a little bit, but we will get to the USS Wisconsin, one of the last just huge battleships. It’s really cool. We, we drove by it at Christmas time and had all these Christmas lights on it and stuff like

[00:30:11] Jenn: Yeah. And I’m sure you like that. That’s our element. Yeah. We’ll be able to tell you a lot of things, Naval things like just jargon and what’s it like to be on a Navy ship and what are the things you hear and what do things look like and how do you get from the spaces?

[00:30:24] And so that’ll be fun for us. But we had someone say, Inam, we’re definitely gonna do some more civil war. We live close, we’re in, we in. Virginia. So I’m gonna take advantage of it. We’re gonna to Vicksburg’s Antietam. I wanted to do Val Valley Forge. Missed out on it last year. Definitely wanna do some more.

[00:30:41] George Washington and Valley Forge Appomattox. We’re close enough to

[00:30:46] Scott: We we may have an overseas trip and it’s probably more Jenn trip than anything else because we’re trying to take advantage of having friends stationed in overseas, in overseas spots who’s saying like, Hey, who wants to house it?

[00:30:59] So we’ll, we’ll see how those plans firm up. But again, that, that may be a, a Jen solo trip for a week or we’ll see. Yeah. But that would be a. Different kind of history if we get a chance to do that. So we’ll drop some more hints. Maybe in our Patreon page or something like that, if you go to Patreon and look

[00:31:16] Jenn: if you have any su just if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We love hearing what would interest you and. I love looking it up and talking about it.

[00:31:24] There will be some more aviation history as well. I can’t get away from it and I love it. So definitely. I love to get out to an air show and give you, give a whole overview of the different types of aircraft and just air

[00:31:37] Scott: show show. We, we had one, there was an air show this last summer. We were gonna try to go, but we were, I think we were both just feeling like super rundown. I think I had been sick or something like that. And so we didn’t make it out and that, but that would’ve been a fun video. So that’s still on the docket for us.

[00:31:51] Not only just an air show type video, but some, some other stuff that we’re gonna try to sprinkle in there. I think it would be a really, Fun video topic. So I’m, I’m really excited for 2023 and not just because of, The videos that we have planned, but because I know that our community is slowly growing and you guys are a huge part of that I love Eric’s. Like, we’re coming after you. History

[00:32:17] That’s right. 10 million . We’re coming.

[00:32:19] Jenn: We’re gonna get

[00:32:20] Scott: you. Yeah. History Channel. They, they can’t be the only one with the history Channel with the over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. That’s okay. I don’t even know what they’re at right now but we’re coming for you anyways.

[00:32:29] I really do enjoy the community whether you’re a, a general subscriber here to us on YouTube, whether you’re a patron on our, our Patreon page, if you look up walk with history on Patreon, we really appreciate the support there. We actually don’t make. Too much from it because we try to give it back to our patrons, whether it’s a fun sticker or other things that we try to do.

[00:32:51] We, so we, we, we try to do our best and that, and that’s kind of where I come from at this, is I wanna share these stories with, with you guys and with other people. And we wanna take you, we wanna take folks there. We wanna take people to the location. To the location right here. This is where this amazing event happened right here.

[00:33:11] This is where so-and-so was born, right here. This is where John Wayne is, is buried, right? Who doesn’t want to go visit that,

[00:33:19] Jenn: and

[00:33:20] right here is where Dick Winters saw the, the Barnes family.

[00:33:23] Right. That helped, that gave him a place to stay and, and gave him the Sol the solitude and the time that he needed to, to lead men into D-Day. So I, it’s just great to, to be there and to see what they saw. And we feel closer to these history makers that we know so much

[00:33:42] Scott: about a Absolutely. And it, and it’s a fun thing to, to do and to show people how, how that they can do the same thing.

[00:33:48] Right. That’s what we want.

[00:33:49] We’re super excited about 2023. We’re super excited for our community to keep growing and for you guys our supporters to, to kind of spread the word.

[00:33:58] And we, we really do appreciate. Everything that you guys

[00:34:02] Jenn: Yes, thank

[00:34:02] Scott: on all the videos we re we read all the comments we try to reply to as, as many as we can. I think we get to pretty much all of ’em, unless they, there’s some spam ones that get out there but we’re not, we’re not big enough to get anything super crazy like what JD does or some, some of the other folks.

[00:34:18] But it’s just an absolute blast and so, so thank you again. Thank you for doing that.

[00:34:24] Jenn: Yeah, we had a great 2022. We’re looking forward to 2023. Thank you for being with us on this and of chorus.

[00:34:30] Give us any suggestions you may have, but thank you so much. We appreciate you walking with us on these history

[00:34:37] Scott: Thank you for listening to the Talk with History podcast, and please reach out to us at our website, talk with history.com. But more importantly, if you know someone else that might enjoy this podcast, please share this with them, especially if you think that today’s topic will enters a friend, sh a text, and tell ’em to look up the Talk With History podcast because we rely on you, our community to grow, and we appreciate you all every day.

[00:34:56] We’ll talk to you next time. Thank you.

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