American Civil War Museum Virtual Tour – Richmond, Virginia

TLDR: This museum is FANTASTIC! You should go. We got to visit the American Civil War Museum in conjunction with the White House of the Confederacy and it made the perfect day trip with our family. This is an incredibly well done museum with interactive exhibits for kids.

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  • Intro: 0:00
  • Entrance: 0:33
  • Mary Richards: 2:50
  • Mary Peake: 3:52
  • Robert E. Lee: 4:16
  • William H. Carney: 4:35
  • Gettysburg Pictures: 4:53
  • Exhibit on Enslavement: 5:21
  • Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: 5:43
  • Sherman’s march to the sea: 6:27
  • The End of the War: 7:01
  • Rotating Exhibit: 7:59
  • Outside the Museum: 8:41
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