Ep 60/61 Travel Guide – Walking in Blackbeard’s Footsteps | Ocracoke, NC

Ocracoke takes planning to get to…a ferry ride is required. Plan ahead! It is free from the Hatteras side and a few dollars from the other side.

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Getting there:

If you are coming from the Hatteras side, the ferry ride is 1 hour long…GET TO THE FERRY EARLY!!! We tried coming at noon one day and were told we would be waiting until 2 o’clock to even get on the ferry…so we came back another day at 8am and got on at 8:30am.

Once on the island there are a few spots to visit, some very tasty places to eat, and great beaches if you want to take a dip.

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The mountains are calling, let me grab a jacket and my kids.

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