After Emmett Till

Emmett Till’s murder trial inspired the likes of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Today I visit the Tallahatchie County Courthouse and walk in the footsteps of those present for those historic 67 minutes.

67 minutes is all it took for an all white jury to deliberate after a 5 day trial and come to a Not Guilty verdict.

67 minutes and the spark was lit…the spark that ignited the Civil Rights Movement across America.

Join me today as we talk about the murder trial of Emmett Till and the aftermath that ensued.

Intro: 0:00
Recap: 0:20
Courthouse Marker: 1:05
Tallahatchie Courthouse: 1:37
Emmett Till Interpretive Center: 8:04
Tutwiler Funeral Home: 10:08
After Emmett Till: 12:38

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