TV, Movie, and Media Influencers Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

We revisit Arlington National Cemetery to visit the TV, Movie, and Media Influencers buried there! You may not recognize their names right away…but you DEFINITELY know the legacy they left behind.

Intro 0:00
John Daly (Who’s Line is It?) 0:25
John Cooper (Superman’s Perry White) 2:06
Charles Durning 4:10
Jenn Introduction 6:43
Priscilla Lane 7:46
Sammuel Hammet (Maltese Falcon Author) 9:05
Mary Roberts Rinehart (Batman influencer) 10:18
Charles Crane (Ichabod Crane’s son) 12:00
Constance Bennet 14:39
Ronald L. Ermey (The Gunny) 15:40
Parting Thoughts 17:44

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