Top History Videos of 2022

Your favorite history videos of 2022 was fun to see and talk about. This will become an annual tradition for Walk with History and hopefully all of these videos and our community will continue to grow! Top Videos of 2022: Transcript Episode 91 – Top 10 videos of 2022 [00:00:00] [00:00:06] Scott: Good evening, happyContinue reading “Top History Videos of 2022”

Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans

Scott and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone!  (and give a preview of next week’s podcast episode if you’re curious) This year of Walk with History has been such a great experience…quite the roller coaster if we’re telling the truth.  I wouldn’t say there were downs…but there were a ton ofContinue reading “Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans”

Newsletter or History Digest?

The basic difference between a newsletter and a digest is that a digest is more of a summary of published articles…a little closer to a link list. I toyed with the idea of calling this a digest (largely because newsletters are growing in popularity). Even if the #HISTORIC newsletter is closer to a history digest…youContinue reading “Newsletter or History Digest?”

A #Historic newsletter

Jenn and I are curious on your thoughts of a monthly (maybe bi-monthly) newsletter. There is so much interesting history that we (mostly Jenn…ha!) read about that we never discuss on the Podcast or make a video on. Being that our focus is BEING THERE…if we read something interesting about a museum piece in Europe,Continue reading “A #Historic newsletter”

Happy 4th of July and Thank You

During this 4th of July weekend Jenn and I hope that all of you are enjoying the summer with friends, family, or your favorite person of choice. 😁 We wanted to take this opportunity to say how truly grateful we are to have all of your support as we continue our journey with Walk withContinue reading “Happy 4th of July and Thank You”