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I am a former Naval Aviator turned Historian and I promote museums as well as explore real world locations where the giants of history walked before us.

Join me as I take viewers on a brief walk through museums and real world places talking about their history.

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Fort Monroe | Jefferson Davis’ Final Years

Fort Monroe was the center of many important historical events during the U.S. Civil War. Being that it was so far south, yet controlled by the Union in the north, made it even more pivotal with things like enslaved “contraband”, the first battle of the ironclads, and later the imprisonment of Jefferson Davis. The Casemate…

Podcast Ep48: The ACTUAL Hero of Gettysburg never got his credit

Brigadier General Strong Vincent played a KEY ROLE in winning the Battle of Gettysburg. We’ll give you one guess who told the now famous Joshua Chamberlain where to hold the line at Little Round Top. Yup…(then) Colonel Strong Vincent. Join us as we explore the life and history of a lawyer from Erie, Pennsylvania -…

400 Years of Fort Monroe History

We visited one of the oldest and largest forts in the United States. Multiple U.S. presidents have visited and it was an active US Army fort until 2011; now designated as a national historic site. plan your visit: https://www.nps.gov/fomr/ Intro: 0:00Visitor’s Center: 0:41Contrabands: 6:44Robert E. Lee: 7:17Point Comfort Lighthouse: 9:36First Africans Marker: 10:21Jefferson Davis Memorial…

Reacting to the Death of Lisa Marie Presley (1968 – 2023)

We are so sad to hear about the passing of Evlis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. Jenn and I had just finished recording a Talk with History podcast when we heard so we decided to jump back on to a live stream to react to the news and remember the impact they had on history. Reacting…


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