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I am a former Naval Aviator turned Historian and I promote museums as well as explore real world locations where the giants of history walked before us.

Join me as I take viewers on a brief walk through museums and real world places talking about their history.

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Napoleon full movie review with World Famous Napoleon Reenactor Mark Schneider

In this episode of ‘Talk With History’, hosts Scott and Jenn discuss Ridley Scott’s 2023 film ‘Napoleon’ with the renowned Napoleon reenactor, Mark Schneider. Beyond offering a unique vantage point from someone who has ‘walked in the emperor’s shoes’, this conversation explores the historical accuracies and inaccuracies portrayed in the movie. It discusses the complexities…

Podcast Episode 88: Reviewing Napoleon with a World-Famous Napoleon Reenactor: What Hollywood Got Right and Wrong

In this episode of our podcast, “Talk With History”, join our hosts Scott and Jenn in an insightful discussion as they are joined by Mark Schneider, a renowned reenactor of Napoleon Bonaparte. Tapping into Mark’s vast knowledge of Napoleon, the trio delves deep into the intricacies, context, and potential inaccuracies of Ridley Scott’s epic portrayal…

Exploring the Hatfield-McCoy Feud: Tracing the Footsteps of a Historic Conflict

🔍 Join us on a captivating journey back in time as we delve into the haunting legacy of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy Feud, a bitter and deadly conflict that gripped the Appalachian region in the late 1800s. 🌄 In this gripping video, we embark on a riveting exploration of the historic sites where the Hatfield and…

Podcast Episode 87: A Political Thriller from the view of John Quincy Adams with Author Michael B Zucker

In this episode of ‘Talk With History’, hosts Scott and Jenn engage in a captivating conversation with author Michael B Zucker about his book, ‘The Middle Generation: A Novel of John Quincy Adams and the Monroe Doctrine’. Zucker shares his research experience, his decision to write the book in the first person, and details about…

Visiting Big Stone Gap in Real Life

🎬 Join me on an enchanting adventure as we explore the picturesque town of Big Stone Gap and step into the real-life filming locations of the beloved 2015 romantic comedy, “Big Stone Gap”! 🌄 Intro: 0:00Big Stone Gap the movie: 0:17Where is Big Stone Gap?: 0:50Big Stone Gap filming locations: 1:42Trail of the Lonesome Pine:…

Podcast Episode 86: Visiting Loretta Lynn’s Butcher Holler Home Origins

Full video from Butcher Holler Embark on a musical pilgrimage with [Your Name] as we journey through the heartland of country music and explore the remarkable life and legacy of the legendary Loretta Lynn. In this episode of Talk with History, our host takes you on a first-person adventure, sharing the awe-inspiring moments of discovering…


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