A #Historic newsletter

Jenn and I are curious on your thoughts of a monthly (maybe bi-monthly) newsletter.

There is so much interesting history that we (mostly Jenn…ha!) read about that we never discuss on the Podcast or make a video on. Being that our focus is BEING THERE…if we read something interesting about a museum piece in Europe, we can’t drop everything to fly out there.

Jenn often tells me about these articles…and even my interest is piqued!

That is where the Hashtag Historic newsletter comes in. This would be another avenue for us to share interesting history, that new podcast we found, maybe some travel tips…with you and potentially many more!

What do you think?

Do you read interesting history stuff online? What kind of things usually catch your eye?

We would love to hear from you to help out where we may guide this new venture.

Comment on this post!

** we plan to get the first one out on the Navy’s Birthday…October 13th!**

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