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This may sound cliche but I knew this day would come…I just didn’t know when.

Walk with History is one of many YouTube channels that were born from the Pandemic. Jenn came out of her office/treadmill room one day and said “I want to start a YouTube channel”. She told me about how she watched these YouTube channels and they didn’t “connect the dots” on the people, places, or events they were talking about…they didn’t tell you “why this matters today”.

I INSTANTLY knew that a history channel with her passion on camera and her research skills would work. I knew it to my core.

And here we are. 5,000 subscribers (depending on when you read this) and going strong.

Read on for where I know we’ll end up.

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You Chose…Wisely

Why was I so confident?

I had already dabbled a fair amount with a personal channel. I actually had given the whole “vlogger” thing a real go. I even wrote an article about making 40 vlogs in 40 weeks. I thought it was pretty good.

When Jenn told me her idea to start a History focused YouTube channel…it checked all the boxes my “vlog” channel didn’t.

  1. It was niche – History is much more “niched down” than a general vlog channel
  2. History is an “evergreen” topic – evergreen = topic/facts don’t become less relevant (what’s more evergreen than history?)
  3. I knew how to produce it – I had already made almost 60 videos on my YouTube channel so I knew the process and knew I enjoyed it. (I mean my twitter handle is @NotJustAnEditor ) Sets and reps matter
  4. Jenn had a passion for the topic, I had a passion for the process – this last one might be the most important. Jenn LOVES history. It’s not work for her to research a bunch of famous people at a cemetery. I LOVE the process of taking video, learning how to tell a better story, editing it together.
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5,000 and Beyond

I have no doubt that we will hit 100,000 subscribers. I have no idea when and to be honest I didn’t think we would hit 5,000 this quickly (our first video was posted on February 24th, 2021).

I actually think we can get to 1 million…why? Because Jenn and I are in this for the long haul. The History Channel is over 10 million subscribers…I think that we will either match that or get “acqui-hired” by a channel like that. (Gimme a ring History Channel)

Ask me what people do in their retirement?

They travel around and visit historical places…sound familiar?

Thank You

If you have read this far I want to say thank you!

Jenn and I are building this business and it has grown in to a solid website, growing Podcast, and a YouTube channel we are both passionate about.

I am confident that this will work and that we will have fun along the way…thank you for joining us. (and a special thanks to our Patrons!!!)

On to our next, Walk With History.

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