Visiting the real Sleepy Hollow

Visiting the locations that inspired the folk tale and legend was part of a long time bucket list check off that I was so happy to be able to do! Walking where Washington Irving walked, and where the story of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman was an absolute joy.

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  • Intro: 0:00
  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: 0:15
  • Washington Irving Gravesite: 3:24
  • Where Sleepy Hollow party was: 5:25
  • How Irving collected ideas: 8:07
  • Old Dutch Church: 8:31
  • Where to park: 9:20
  • John Andre history: 9:36
  • Sleepy Hollow bridge: 10:47
  • Headless Horseman statue: 12:41
  • Phillipsburg Manor: 13:16
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