This Month in History: August

Ever wonder what happened this day in history? How about what happened this past month in history?

Us too. 😉

August 1st, 1981

On this day in 1981, MTV played its first music video. Do you know what the second video was?

August 2nd, 1776

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed!

August 3rd, 1936

On this day in 1936 Jesse Owens won his first gold medal at the 1936 olympics.

August 4th, 1958 

The Billboard Hot 100 was published for the very first time. 

August 5th, 1884

The cornerstone for the statue of liberty was laid. 

August 6th, 1911

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York. 

August 7th, 1782

George Washington created the purple heart medal. 

August 8th, 1974

Richard Nixon resigns as president of the United States. 

August 9th, 1854

On 09 August, 1854, Henry David Thoreau released Walden. 

August 10th, 1962

On 10 August 1962, Spiderman made his first appearance in a Marvel Comic Book. 

August 11th, 1953

The actor, wrestler and 4 year WWF heavyweight champion Hulk Hogan, was born.

August 12th, 1908

Henry Ford‘s first Model T rolls off the assembly line.

August 13th, 1860

The famous sharpshooter and entertainer Phoebe Anne Moses was born,…she later became known as Annie Oakley.

August 14th, 1975

The longest running release in film history opened in a theater in Westwood, Los Angeles…the film? A Rocky Horror Picture Show

August 15th, 1939

The Wizard of Oz premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California.

August 16th, 1977

A world famous singer and the King of Rock and Roll died in his home…Many people don’t know that Elvis Presley was also the first to ever be featured in a globally televised broadcast. 

August 17th, 1969

400,000 people watched the conclusion of Woodstock. 

August 18th, 1920

The 19th amendment to the US Constitution is ratified…guaranteeing women’s right to vote.

August 19th, 2004

Stock trades for a lesser known internet search engine company began trading on the NASDAQ…that company?…Google.

August 20th, 1954

The nationally renowned weatherman, Al Roker, was born. 

August 21st, 1959

President Dwight Eisenhower signed an executive order officially proclaiming the acceptance of The 50th state into the United States…that state? Hawaii. 

August 22nd, 1902

A president of the United States rode in an automobile for the very first time. That president?? Teddy Roosevelt

August 23rd, 1305

A famous Scotsman was executed for high treason in London, england. The great Scot???? William Wallace…who was eventually played by Mel Gibson in the academy award winning movie, Bravehart. 

August 24th, 79 AD

Mt Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompei under volcanic ash. It would be discovered over 1600 years later in 1748. 

August 25th, 1875

Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel, traveling from Dover, England, to Calais, France, in 22 hours.

August 26th, 1939

On August 26, 1939, the first televised Major League baseball game is broadcast. Announcer Red Barber called the game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.

August 27th, 1955

On August 27, 1955, the first edition of “The Guinness Book of Records” is published in Great Britain; it quickly proves to be a hit. Now known as the “Guinness World Records” book, the annual publication features a wide range of feats related to humans and animals. 

August 28th, 1955

On August 28, 1955, while visiting family in Money, Mississippi, 14-year-old Emmett Till, an African American from Chicago, is brutally murdered for allegedly flirting with a white woman four days earlier.

August 29th, 1958

Pop sensation Michael Jackson is born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana.

August 30th, 1967

On August 30, 1967, Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. He would remain on the Supreme Court for 24 years before retiring for health reasons.

August 31st, 1888

Prostitute Mary Ann Nichols, the first known victim of serial killer “Jack the Ripper,” is found in London’s Whitechapel district.

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