April Through History

This was an interesting month…well known historical events seem to come in waves. There is some good ones in April. This is why April Fools Day started… 01 April 1700 English pranksters begin popularizing the annual tradition of April Fools’ Day BUT DID YOU KNOW this may have started in 1582, when France switched toContinue reading “April Through History”

Titanic memorial history, controversy, and location

The Titanic memorial is in Washington, DC and I got a quick chance to visit it and pay my respects to those honored for their sacrifice made when the Titanic sank on April Intro: 0:00 What Happened: 1:06 Titanic Memorial Location: 3:13 The “Secret” Society: 4:45 Where does “Women and Children first” come from?: 5:31Continue reading “Titanic memorial history, controversy, and location”

This Month in History: March

I’ll be honest…March was a bit more difficult to find interesting “did you know” facts…but it was worth it! Did you know the Nuclear Bomb… 01 March 1954 The US explodes Castle Bravo, a 15 megaton hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll…BUT DID YOU KNOW that this ACCIDENTALLY became the the most powerful nuclear device everContinue reading “This Month in History: March”

The first battle of the Ironclads

We visit Fort Norfolk, the location of the Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack (aka CSS Virginia). This 200+ year old fort is linked directly to George Washington and has been used heavily over the past 200 years! It is an amazing treasure of American History. Intro: 0:00 Inside Fort Norfolk: 0:15 Battle ofContinue reading “The first battle of the Ironclads”

This Month in History: February

Another month…and another great list of interesting historical facts!! Did you know that Janet Jackson… 01 February 2004 On February 1st, 2004, in what was perhaps the most controversial halftime show in Super Bowl history, pop singer Janet Jackson experienced a “wardrobe malfunction”…and DID YOU KNOW that Justin Timberlake was actually SUPPOSED to pull awayContinue reading “This Month in History: February”

Walk With History Introduction

Funny that it took a year and over 50 videos for us to finally introduce ourselves. However, our live stream from Colonial Williamsburg provided the perfect opportunity for us to talk about how the channel started, what we have learned, and where we think we can take it in the future. Join us! Who isContinue reading “Walk With History Introduction”