Touring the Gettysburg Address Location

I was lucky enough to get a quick tour of the Gettysburg National Cemetery and found out that the monument that stood where people thought Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address was recently found to be in the wrong spot! I show you where he actually stood when he gave his most famous speech as weContinue reading “Touring the Gettysburg Address Location”

Walking with George Washington: The Battle and Surrender at Yorktown

We visit the Yorktown Battlefield on the 240th anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown. We will take you through the visitor’s center, and the stops around the battlefield. Plan your visit: Intro 0:00Visitors Center 0:11Victory Monument 6:03Stop A British Inner Defense Line 8:30Stop B Grand French Battery 9:49Stop C Second Allied Siege Line 12:08Stop DContinue reading “Walking with George Washington: The Battle and Surrender at Yorktown”