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Early Look: Back at it with a Review of 2022!

We missed you all! While this was a MUCH needed break…we missed making these videos for our community and getting to get your feedback, comments, emails and more! Editing this video was more fun than we expected and it really gave some perspective on how much we have accomplished with your support. Thank you as…

Early Look: American Prohibition Museum

This place was SO cool…even for Scott! ha! We never knew until we visited Savannah, how tied to Prohibition the city was. From Al Capone’s mechanic, to the rum runners that brought alcohol from the bahamas…Savannah was there for it.

Early Look: Band of Brothers in Aldbourne England

We have been anxiously awaiting this video…the filming, the editing, and now the releasing! Jenn had to make an extra effort to get out to Aldbourne when she was in London a while back…and we are willing to bet that this is one of the best “Band of Brothers” videos out there from a channel…

Early Look: Walking the locations of Jack the Ripper

Walking the real world London locations of Jack the Ripper’s canonical 5 murders was both surreal and ominous at the same time. Join me as I talk about each of the victims from the very spot that they fell victim to the most infamous serial killer of all time.

Early Look: Jack the Ripper…a preview (caution)

Be warned….anything around Jack the Ripper is going to be somewhat gruesome. This is the first video we have published that we decided to rate over 18…more to be safe, but there is some graffic descriptions of what happens to the victim gravesite who Jenn visits. Next week’s video will be much longer, less graphic,…

Early Look: Women of Arlington

Scott has been a very busy editor. In our second collaboration video with The History Underground, we go in depth at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.  This one was a very special one for Jenn to be able to film and to share with the world. 

Special Episode! Live at 5pm

We go the chance to collaborate with JD from The History Underground right after Jenn got back from London. It was a one day trip for us to meet him at Arlington and we got to walk through Arlington House…the former home of General Robert E. Lee.  There will also be a Wednesday video that…

London History Travel Guide

We know you can get London travel guides from almost anywhere…but are they history focused? Are they digital? This travel guide has a couple of marked spots that are filming locations as well as the must visit classics if you ever get to London for a trip.


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