Medal of Honor Janitor? William J. Crawford

William J. Crawford was a janitor at the US Air Force Academy in the 1980s…little did the cadets know his amazing history.

Master Sergeant Crawford had been awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II…but because he was a POW and thought dead, he never received his MOH from a President (as is tradition). A USAF cadet discovered this and was able to get this hero the ceremony he never had.

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Intro: 0:00
History of Pueblo Colorado military training: 0:36
William J. Crawford: 1:09
Reagan presents the Medal of Honor to William Crawford: 5:21
Carl Sitter: 7:24
POW table: 8:00
WWII posters: 9:10
WWII flight jackets: 9:44
Women of WWII: 10:21

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