Podcast Ep47: The Life and Death of Lisa Marie Presley (1968 – 2023)

We found out about the death of Lisa Marie Presley moments after completing a separate Talk With History live stream and podcast recording. We decided to jump back on our Walk with History live stream and were joined by hundreds if not thousands of fellow Elvis family fans as we remembered Lisa Marie Presley’s life and what role she played in keeping Elvis’ memory alive.

We talk about what it was like to live in Memphis for 3 years, visit Graceland before and after it was re-done and expanded, the videos we got to make from his home before Graceland, and so much more.

Elvis’ Homelife before Graceland

Historian reviews Elvis 2022

Walk with History & Talk with History

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Ep47: The Life and Death of Lisa Marie Presley (1968 – 2023)

  1. Thank you both for staying live and talking about Lisa Marie and Elvis. I really appreciated hearing your viewpoints and memories. I am still in a bit of shock that she is no longer here, just as I was when Elvis passed. You just don’t expect some people to ever die and this family is included.

    1. Thank you…yes this was shocking and we are happy we got to be there for folks love as some found out. Very sad but we’re glad we can remember her. 😊

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