Talk with History Podcast…now on Video!

Exciting news!

We’re putting the podcast on video…but on a different channel. Seeing as how it is a podcast that we are video recording (with video/picture overlays), Jenn and I were not sure how the “YouTube algorithm” would like a different style of video.

Part of this is to help get the podcast discovered…but the other part is we are reviving our History Buzz podcast and we have some pretty big History YouTubers that have agreed to be guests!!!

The hope is that we are able to help promote the podcast as well as help build our video podcast The History Buzz. Let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Talk with History Podcast…now on Video!

  1. You get 5 stars from me for sure! I have heard the history about Washington crossing the Delaware but it came much more alive with your descriptions and experiences of visiting the sites along with the video you cut in. Thank you for presenting George Washington in such a positive light while we are in this cancel culture. Hugs!

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