Trying something new…sorta

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We’re trying a brand new segment here on Walk With History…and we want to call it Hike with History!  

Someone once said “hiking is just walking where you’re allowed to pee”…ha! Amusing as that is…hiking really is just walking in the woods (or somewhere close)…and there is SO MUCH HISTORY around hiking trails, national parks, and all throughout the great outdoors.

This new segment will also feature our resident outdoorsman and Walk With History Producer…Scott! We know that we will need to work some of the kinks out as we figure out how to find the best mix of history, hiking, and outdoors…so we want to hear your honest feedback!

Have any recommendations? Or any questions that went unanswered that we can make sure we cover next time? Please let us know.

We hope you enjoy our new Hike with History segment and we look forward to making it better as we continue to work on them. 

See you out there!

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The mountains are calling, let me grab a jacket and my kids.

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