“Flowers in the Attic” Author, V.C. Andrews, Gravesite

Flowers in the Attic was written in 1979 and pushed the boundaries of what was accepted in literature at the time, arousing controversy and fans alike. It had a dramatic affect on me as a young girl so when I found out her gravesite was only 15 minutes away…I had to visit her.

Intro: 0:00
Who is V.C. Andrews?: 0:18
Portsmouth, Virginia: 0:58
Flowers in the Attic: 1:25
V.C. Andrews’ Gravesite: 2:19
Why it was a Controversial: 3:14
Why it was Popular: 5:51
Eat the Cookie!: 7:11
2014 Movie Re-make: 7:37
V.C. Andrews’ Impact: 8:10

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