How to RESEARCH a Historic Marker (part 2)

I show you how I researched during my work to put up a historic marker in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. This marker is dedicated to the first documented lynching in Memphis, that occurred on January 1st, 1851.

While I was never able to find the actual name of the enslaved man that was killed, I talk you through how I researched this case in depth and how you can use similar research in working towards getting a historic marker put up.

Recap: 0:00
Coffeeville, Mississippi: 0:51
Finding the original plantation location: 1:54
Yalobusha County Courthouse: 3:33
Researching in Archives: 4:54
Coffeeville Cemetery: 7:16
What is a Lynching?: 12:05
Parting Thanks: 15:04

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