The Death of James Garfield and the Birth of Presidential Libraries

From September of 2020 to June of 2021 I was a working intern for the National Park Service at the James A. Garfield Presidential Library in Mentor, Ohio.

I was honored to be able to work at what many consider the first Presidential Library – as Lucretia Garfield had the foresight to save many of his effects for a public purpose. As the father of ‘Front Porch Campaigns’, President Garfield established many firsts before he was tragically shot only 5 months in to his presidency.

Join me as I walk in his footsteps and explore his home in Mentor, Ohio.

You can visit this historic site at the link below:

Intro: 0:00
Background: 0:25
Front Porch Campaigning: 0:56
First Presidential Library: 4:01
President Garfield Campaign Office: 4:47
Visitors Center: 6:42
Assassination Site: 11:04
Local Girl Scouts: 11:57
Final Thoughts: 12:47

Great book on President Garfield’s Assassination

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