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Civil War Week by Week | Talking Gettysburg and the most interesting man of the Civil War The History Buzz

We chat with Jonathan, the host of the YouTube history channel…Civil War Week by Week. Civil War Week by Week on YouTubeWalk with History on YouTubeAre you interested in being a guest on The History Buzz or would you like to provide feedback to the hosts? You can reach us at:email: thehistorybuzz@gmail.comwebsite: thehistorybuzz.comCheers! 🍺🎙WebsiteThis is a Walk With History production:PatreonGift ShopEpisode Travel Guides
  1. Civil War Week by Week | Talking Gettysburg and the most interesting man of the Civil War
  2. Mr Beat on YouTube, History, and Elvis
  3. Reel History on YouTube: Jared talks movie history, Pennsylvania, and more
  4. Jared of The Daily Bellringer YouTube channel on Lincoln, Brad Pitt, and learning history
  5. JD of History Underground on YouTube on JFK, Missouri history, family fighters, and the Hoff?
  6. Whitt Docs Cemetery Tours Talking YouTube and History
  7. Chicken Shack Fisticuffs, Portland Hippies, and MTV meets Opera
  8. Skyline Chili Strikes Again and a White Ford Bronco
  9. The Origin of Krispy Kreme, West Coast Earthquakes, and MLK
  10. An Introduction to The History Buzz

The History Buzz podcast is back…with HUGE guests…and video!

We’re reviving our History Buzz podcast with some amazing guests on the horizon! The picture you see here is a quick shot of our conversation with JD of the History Underground YouTube channel. We chat with him about how his channel came about, where he got his love of history from, and as usual…the conversation…

An Introduction to The History Buzz Podcast

This History Buzz uses history as a springboard for conversations on how we all learn through a different lens. Jenn is a Historian from Pittsburgh with a graduate degree in American History from the University of Memphis and Scott is from California, and a career Navy Officer. Together they have built a life that is…

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