Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans

Scott and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone! 

(and give a preview of next week’s podcast episode if you’re curious)

This year of Walk with History has been such a great experience…quite the roller coaster if we’re telling the truth. 

I wouldn’t say there were downs…but there were a ton of ups!! 

Growth on YouTube is a funny thing…there is  a relatively steady state of small number growth, periods of a seeming “stall”, and then exciting times of big subscriber increase. 

We have definitely experienced all of those this year! Our community has grown…with you as our core. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2023 – Our Best Year Yet! 

Podcast/Live Streams

We have been trying to focus more on growing the Talk with History podcast as well as our Thursday night live streams. We have really been enjoying the live streams and hope to keep that going…it’s fun to be able to interact with folks live on a regular basis. 

Podcast growth is incredibly difficult. There isn’t a one-stop-shop for all things podcasting like there is with YouTube and online video. Podcast growth comes from a lot of self-driven advertisement and promotion as well as podcast listeners spreading the word. It’s a tough nut to crack. (oh and let us know what you think of the early release preview…trying something new!)


We have plans to travel out west a bit and you know that we will combine that trip with as much filming as we can. There is a small possibility of another overseas trip (nothing set in stone just yet) and we even got an invitation to film at an aviation museum out near Denver! 


The Hashtag Historic newsletter is slowly getting underway. Still working out a good rhythm and workflow to get all the interesting history we can in there on a monthly basis. We definitely want to try and focus on making that better.

Scott has written and blogged for a number of years, so it has been fun for him to be able to do that again, just in the format of a newsletter. This is one area that will definitely be a long term growth strategy, but one that we think a lot of people can enjoy.

Thank you one more time

You, our patrons, members, and subscribers are such a blessing and we hope you know how much we appreciate you. We truly believe that Walk with History can be something impactful to quite a lot of people one day…and you are a part of the foundation that allows us to keep working towards that. 

Thank you and God Bless. šŸ˜Š

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