Band of Brothers: Major Dick Winters in Aldbourne, England

In WWII, Major Dick Winters and Easy Company arrived in Aldbourne, England – September of 1943…8 months before the Normandy landing. It was during a moment of reflection that Winters met the Barnes family as they mourned the loss of their son to the War. The chance meeting grew in to a close friendship and change Major Winters forever…so much so that he stated in his memoirs that it was “the most formative and developmental time in his career”.

Intro: 0:00
2nd Battalion Aldbourne Headquarters: 0:19
Training in Aldbourne: 1:22
The Crown Pub: 2:26
Dick Winters Aldbourne Home: 4:30
The Blue Boar: 5:28
Easy Company Nissen Huts: 6:07
St Michael’s Church and Cemetery: 7:34
Corporal LJ Barnes gravesite: 9:40
Barnes family gravesite: 11:41

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