Happy 4th of July and Thank You

During this 4th of July weekend Jenn and I hope that all of you are enjoying the summer with friends, family, or your favorite person of choice. 😁

We wanted to take this opportunity to say how truly grateful we are to have all of your support as we continue our journey with Walk with History as well as the Talk with History and The History Buzz podcasts. 

This passion project of ours (and yours!) has given us the motivation and opportunity to meet new people, go to more historic locations than we could have imagined…some in our back yard and some in the middle of nowhere! Your support continues to help Walk with History grow. 😊

So from the bottom of our hearts…truly…thank you. 

This is not easy…and we may have to take short breaks every once in a while…but having you all along makes it possible and worth it!!!

Thank you!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

here’s a little picture with the Walk with History crew, from some recent birthday celebrations. 🤣

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