America’s largest airship ever and how it crashed | Airship Roma

The Roma and the Hindenburg have a very common and tragic history. America learned from the Roma crash and turned away from hydrogen filled airships…and Hindenburg learned the same lesson 15 years later.

Join us as we visit the crash sites of the largest American Airship disaster in history.

Intro: 0:00
Background of the Roma: 0:15
Roma Crash Historical Marker: 1:44
Naming of Zeppelins: 2:24
Short lived airship era: 3:17
Early Issues: 5:36
What fills a Zeppelin?: 6:27
Gift Shop: 6:53
The Roma Crash: 7:04
Crash Site: 8:27
Tombstone Marker: 9:48
Lessons Written in Blood: 10:26

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